Beautiful, stunning and long lasting see more of our frames & trusses.

Using the best equipment, a very experienced team and the buying power of the largest manufacturer in the region, Capeview Frames & Trusses can build the bones of any project in a strong, reliable and cost effective manner.

With a sales force constantly on the road and available to discuss and work through any project Capeview are ready to work through every aspect of your project and ensure everything from design to delivery and construction is planned and well executed.

Our facilities and equipment means that everything produced complies with the latest regulations and is quality assured through every stage of manufacture.  We provide commercial and domestic services and utilise innovative technologies from companies such as MiTek and Posistrut, meaning that if you can imagine it, we can design and manufacture it.

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A truss roof provides flexibility in design and strength over time. Gable ends, complex hip roofs, dutch hips and bell roofs are just some of the different combinations that can be constructed using prefabricated trusses.

Engineered to meet the requirements of any design, our roofs can be designed for snow loads, cyclonic winds, roof mounted services and more.

Any of the designs below can be created, as to can combinations of different styles.  Essentially if you can think of it, chances are that Capeview can create it with Mi-Tek.



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Second storey and above is easily achieved with Capeview flooring systems. Long span floors with multiple services running through them are common design features in new homes, particularly multi-storey ones.

Posi Strut open web truss systems are the perfect solution to almost any problem, with the space created in the design providing perfect space for almost any service requirements.


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Good building requires quality products that can be completed in a timely manner. Prefabricated walls, manufactured in our Wonthaggi complex and incorporating the latest in engineered designs, means your project goes up quickly and with minimal waste.

All Capeview prefabricated walls have the option of Posi Strut bracing systems, ideal for large span openings where bracing panels may cause an issue.