Why Choose Capeview Building Products






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Green Initiatives:

Our factory is unlike many plants because of our strong commitment to minimising our carbon footprint. We have several green initiatives that are constantly in effect and being updated.

Green Energy
Our factory runs on solar panels that have been strategically located on our factory roofs to maximise our capacity to generate electricity while minimising reflective light. Any power we generate throughout the day that is not used is fed back into the power grid to help minimise our local community’s reliance on fossil fuel.

No Paper Production
Our craftsman can receive all the information required to build without printed instructions. Our production lines have been set up with Solar powered monitors at critical points so that we can produce our top quality products without the massive paper trail.

Naturally our office requires hard copies of documents from time to time, whether it is acceptance letters or contracts for signing. We recognise that some printing is unavoidable so we ensure we use recycled paper for all our printing needs.

Waste Material
Landfill has been an increasingly problematic issue for Australia. We at Capeview Building Products ensure we do not contribute to this ongoing issue by using Mobius material recovery for all our waste disposal. This means that over 90% of our waste products end up being recycled into new materials and not landfill.

Timber production
Our timber suppliers follow the Australian Environmental regulation of timber harvesting code for the production of sustainable timber. The timber is grown in sustainable and renewable plantations. No deforestation occurs in order for the timber for our frames and trusses to be produced.

Community Services: